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Robins Way Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization created to help those Families with special needs. Robins Way will focus on families in crisis that don’t have the financial support to help their child, with emotional or physical handicaps, develop and flourish in society.

Robins Way was created by Lisa Goodstein, a mother of a special needs child. Being the mother of a special needs child has shown Lisa that every day presents new challenges. Many families cannot meet these challenges without the support of charitable donations. The Foundation will look to lessen the financial burden, so that families can focus on the health and well being of the child and the potential assimilation into society.

Robins way will help families by providing the money that is needed to support the services a family may need to help provide a better quality of life for the family and the child. These services may range from providing life sustaining medical equipment, sleep away camp, or establishing support for group housing for those children that have aged out of the state system.

100% of all donations will be given to specific families or to improving facilities that house or educate special needs children, so that the impact of each donation can be seen and felt the moment it is received.

The foundations operations will be one of transparency, updates will be given via our website as to what families or facilities are receiving the donations and the need the charitable gift is helping to support.

With the help of our donors, families can once again become whole and obtain the services needed for their children. Families can take solace in knowing that there is a place to turn for financial support and that a family can have back a quality life while still being able to provide for their child with special needs.
Mission Statement

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We exist to to bring hope to children with special needs and their families   

We're helping support families with special needs children

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