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Robins Way Foundation Update

In keeping with our Mission Statement; “to help Families with special needs children. To focus on families in crisis that don’t have the financial support to help their child, with emotional or physical handicaps, develop and flourish in society”, Robins Way is proud to announce the first of a series of trust established to address these issues.

This past month Robins Way has completed the creation of a supplemental special needs trust for a family that has had incurred loss and devastation to their loved ones. This particular family consisted of a mother, father, one daughter in college a 15 year old daughter with learning disabilities and a 12 year old who is severely developmentally disabled. Within a short period of time , the family lost both their mother and father. First, the mother passed away leaving the father and older sister to their devices in not only coping with the loss of their wife and mother but in filling a mothers role in sharing with the special needs of the two younger daughters. Within a few months after the mothers passing, the father passed away, leaving their eldest daughter with little in the way of savings and a family to take care of. The family reached out to their Aunt who herself has a special needs child. Together as a family unit,

they moved for Guardianship. The Guardianship process is a timely and costly effort, and has left the family in need.

Robins Way with the help of the monies raised through its generous contributors helped in paying the fees necessary for the Guardianship.  Robins Way working in conjunction with Andrew Cohen ESQ, whom has donated hours of legal services, established the required Guardianship. Additionally, Robins Way through a Supplemental Needs Trust, has provided for future expenses as it relates to services not provided by the state as well specific needed items to improve their lives.

Lisa Goodstein, founder “It is with great pride and satisfaction that we write to our donors and contributors today with this update. As Robins Way continues to grow and receive donations our outreach is being felt by organizations and families in accordance with our Mission Statement. We are confident that the money being given to this family will help in providing certain needs and help the family in these difficult times. However we know that the most important need will be filled by the Aunt and Sister’s love and determination.  We look forward to setting up more of these trusts to help even more families and want to thank our contributors for all their support. Without them, none of this would be possible.” your paragraph here.